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  2. Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Initiatives to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

Employee response・Employees will wear a mask in consideration of your health.
・We will thoroughly manage physical condition such as daily temperature measurement.
・We do thorough hand washing and gargle.
Initiatives at this facility・Alcohol disinfectant is installed at the front desk, which is a common space.
・At the time of cleaning, the doorknobs and touching points in the room are carefully disinfected with alcohol.
・A transparent sheet is installed at the front desk to prevent splashing.
・The front desk is regularly ventilated, keeping in mind that it will not be crowded.
  • For guests staying

    ・At the time of check-in, all guests will be "heated" and "identified".

    ・Please wear a mask when entering the store.
    ・Please cooperate with hand disinfection at check-in.
    ・If you feel unwell due to fever or malaise, please report it to the staff.
    If you feel unwell, we may refuse to stay overnight.
Health check after checkout・After checking out, all guests staying in the hotel are asked to continue their temperature and health checks for 3 days.
・About three days after check-out, the health condition will be directly confirmed by the hotel staff by phone.
For customers using the GoTo Travel CampaignIf you are using the GoTo Travel Campaign, please follow the "Conditions for using GoTo Travel" announced by the Japan Tourism Agency.