【Official】Painushima Resort

Minami no Shima no Hyakumonogatari (Hundred stories of the southern island).

Painushima Resort<Ishigaki Island>

Glamping Resort in Ishigaki Island.

  • BBQ and fishing activities!

    In June 2018, Painushima Resort"Ishigaki Island" opened in Miyara, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Miyara, Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

    The cottage-style rooms are equipped with the popular Goemon bath and BBQ wood deck, and each house was built as a space where you can enjoy the sea and mountains of Ishigaki Island with your family.

    We also manage two large and small boats, so you can enjoy fishing boats depending on the weather.
    It is used by customers as a variety of cottages where you can BBQ your own fish on the deck of your room, and wash and dry fishing equipment and diving suits.

    Please enjoy the rich nature of Ishigaki Island and the blessings of the sea to your heart's content.

Painu Island Leisure Fishing

  • Painu Island Leisure Fishing

    Enjoy with your family! Family fishing "impressive experience"Ishigaki Island from Funakoshi Fishing Port Ishigaki Island!
    Even if you are a beginner in fishing, the staff will carefully support you and make sure you fish!
    You can also cook and eat the fish you catch that day(Additional charge required)

    ☆Ishigaki Island is home to the deep sea and large fish, and you can enjoy the excitement of not knowing what you can catch.If you are an angler, you want to visit the sea once and fish☆

    ★Please see the fishing blog article for details on fishing and fishing results.★

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Information on measures to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses

  • We take measures to prevent infection.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Painushima Resort has taken measures to prevent new coronavirus infections.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    For details, please see the infection prevention page.

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Painushima Resort


1054-82 Miyara, Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture

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15 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport, 15 minutes by car to the city, along National Route 390
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